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May 01, 2006

Some Like it Hot - 7

The basic plot of this film isn't that far from the Wayan brothers' White Chicks (I haven't seen this film, but from the previews I don't imagine that I would want to). It seems that in rewriting it they forgot that a films dialogue is one of the keys, they should have consulted Billy Wilder (They could have at least watched this film). That's somewhat unfair, he is no longer alive. Some Like it Hot uses the outrageous idea that two men could dress up like women, joining a band headed to Florida in order to avoid the mob, and pull it off (remember that this is 1959). These are two very ugly women. The subtlety of the dialogue makes this film fun, and requires a somewhat quick mind to get all of the double meanings of most every phrase (what now are cliches, and may have been then?). I am realizing that older films are so good at letting the viewer imagination tell most of the story, while the filmmaker only has to get them most of the way there. While many contemporary film turn to crass jokes as soon as they are losing steam, older films can fake innocence, while allowing the viewer to figure out the jokes. This film was fun to watch and a laugh a minute. Tony Curtis (who actually plays three parts), Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe were great in their roles.

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Jason said...

This is such a funny movie. I'm glad you liked it. As usual, Wilder showing how he's better than the rest.