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May 04, 2006

Chicken Little - 4

This is the usual Disney film. And Disney has been getting worse over the last 10 years (I consider The Lion King to be the last good film they made, although they own Pixar which hasn't missed in the same amount of time). The jokes are only half funny, and they have decided that it would be funny to make fun of themselves and their own shameless money making, they ought to leave that to Shrek. It is really only funny if they are exaggerating the truth. The story is loosely based on the fable about the chicken who claimed the sky was falling, only to be misunderstood because alien machine material really did hit him on the head. To make this all worse the sidekicks are uncreative and there is a romance going on, aren't these animals suppose to be in middle school (not to mention that a chicken and mallard getting together is just wrong). The film also tries to over psychologize the relationships of family, ranting on about communication and closure between father and son. This is all garbley-gook and shouldn't be in a film made for kids. I've saved you an hour and a half, go rent Hoodwinked instead.


Beverly said...

Hi, Greg, I wish I had read your post before I saw this. I generally go to the Disney movies, although, not as many lately as in other years. The movie was indeed a waste of time.

leigh said...

Good thing I haven't seen Chicken Little yet!!!

Hah...but I think eventually I will. =o)

So...does that mean your behind what Pixar has churned out so far?