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May 18, 2006

The Producers - 3

In the extra features, Mel Brooks (who wrote this and the earlier version from 1968) claims that this story works well on stage and even better on film. He is wrong. Some of the scenes in this film look like they were done on stage and then just filmed as if you were a live audience member. Added to this is the fact that the singing is obviously lip-synced (everyone already knows this, but most musical hid it well). The story isn't long enough to fill 2 hours and basically follows two producers who come up with a scam to raise money for a play they hope will flop and they will take off for Rio with the extra money. In the mean time they hire a cast of overly gay actors and director in a play about Hitler in springtime. The audience loves it because it is a slight on Hitler as being gay and having a middle name- Elizabeth. I try to give musicals the benefit of the doubt, I tend to dislike them, but this one was just not worth my time. Will Farrell is funny but isn't in the story enough. Spike Lee's interpretation is much better.

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