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March 21, 2010

The Dark Knight - 7

Christopher Nolan's resurrection of the Batman in Batman Begins (here and here) and The Dark Knight have made it my favorite comic book adaptation to film...EVER. The complexity of the Joker (played amazingly by Heath Ledger) and the way the film breaks new ground in a genre that seems played out makes me believe again in the power of storytelling. Stop reading this and go watch it!

Where is Home?

Published here and here.

3 thoughtful films

A Serious Education in Comment. Where I review: An Education, A Serious Man, and Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire.

This is (not) a Love Story: An Incredulity to Love in Popular Culture

An article in Comment. Rather proud of this one and the many connections I make between a variety of cultural artifacts.

Star Trek - 7

My review of Star Trek this summer in Comment

Alice in Wonderland 3D - 4

Fun and playful adventure story. Great sets, costumes. Bland plot. Made me look up the original books and author on Wikipedia.

The Damned United - 7

Great performance by Michael Sheen as 70's era British soccer coach Clough. A character study of the best kind.