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June 21, 2005

Batman Begins - 7

Over the weekend, I saw this film in the theatre. I had relatively high expectations from the recommendations of friends, and I still walked away amazed at how well that they told this story and developed the characters. This film is not your typical superhero/comic book film (Bruce Wayne actually has no superhuman qualities or powers--like other superheroes, just a good martial artist and creative with technology). The theme of the movie, which is its driving force, is fear and the human responses and coping mechanisms for it. The characters are very well developed through out the film. This allows for the story to flow and for it to develop naturally. This also makes the story believable. I didn't come away from the film trying to think of minor flaws in logic like is the tendency after most movies about superheroes (Like the conversations in Mallrats and Chasing Amy). My only minor dislike of the film was Katie Holmes, who--at least in this film--really isn't that good of an actor. I think that the theme of fear allows the audience to ask good questions about what human fear is and how we fight it and can be controlled by it. This film definitely gets at aspect of what it means to be human. My hope is that this is the final Batman film, a sequel will most likely just revert the series back to the hero versus villain story that lacks the depth that this film has.

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Names of Jesus said...

I've never seen Katie Holmes act. But reading that you don't think she's that good of an actor confirms the suspicions recently that Tom Cruise couldn't be with Nicole Kidman because she was sure to eclipse him as an actor! Now he's supposedly with KH.