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May 20, 2006

25th Hour - 7

This film was shot in NYC right after 9/11 and Spike Lee shows ground zero and characters response to it. And like most Spike Lee films this one has a few political and philosophical rants in it that make it interesting. The story is pretty basic: Monty (played by Edward Norton) has been sentenced to 7 years in prison for selling heroin, and spends his last day of freedom with his girlfriend and two high school friends. This causes all the characters to reflection on saying goodbye and how life will change for them. The end of the film is Monty's father telling a story about how Monty's life could be told differently with a single attempt to run from the law. But it wouldn't be his life and it would be an honest story. There is a lot of integrity in the characters of this film. A good film that highlights the time-ness of story and living- there is the past, present and future- and they connect.

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The Val Blog said...

I'm not much of a "Spike Lee" fanatic, but all I can say is that this made you put things in another light.

One scene that stands out is where they com across a dog (hurt but still ready to take them on)....Monty decides to take him in...dispite the dog's attitude towards him.