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May 15, 2006

The Seven Year Itch - 6

This is a Billy Wilder comedy once again (ok this film came first) staring Marilyn Monroe. This one deals with a psychological theory that says that after seven years of marriage men get the itch to cheat on their wives. This is made even more convenient for the main character, Richard, because his wife and son have left Manhattan for a summer at the beach in Maine. Added to this a beautiful girl has just moved in upstairs. The internal struggle that results is the main focus of the film. This film has what is called "moral imagination." Richard is constantly wondering what the consequences of his actions will be, not only for himself but his wife, son, and his own character (not his ego, but his integrity and reputation). The possibility of cheating isn't really there but it is interesting to see Richard contemplate and for the situations to just be hilarious. The dialogue is well written and witty.

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