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May 25, 2006

Transamerica - 7

Before you place this film in the "liberal-Hollywood-with-an-agenda" category, you would be surprised that this film is actually a good story. It is more about finding identity and sense of self and others than it is about transexualism/ity. Felicity Huffman plays Bree (formerly Stanley) who is about to have a sex change operation. She finds out that she fathered a child when she was in college and he is now selling himself on the streets of New York. The story follows them as they make the trip across America to LA. There are plenty of funny, emotional and touching conversation and situations along the way as the characters and the audience take a reflective glance at who they are in a world to complex for simple reductionism. The film begs the question: is identity socially constructed (defined by context and others)? Psychological constructed- individuals decide? Both? Neither? If you've never asked the question this film is as good as any on reflecting and discussing the human condition.

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