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May 07, 2006

Mission: Impossible III - 5

Being the third film, not much that wasn't predictable here. Good action and the use of a MacGuffin to keep the plot from getting complicated or cheesy. As to plot I thought it was somewhat lacking, you don't end up caring enough about the characters to care whether they live or die. The little only gives away the ending it is impossible for the characters to do what they do, and yet they succeed and prosper, everything as it should be in Hollywood. This can go on your list of films to watch when your are looking for a "no thinking required." Laurence Fishburne, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Billy Crudup improve the already decent cast of Cruise and Ving Rhames and better direction than John Woo (unless you like watching random scenes with doves flying up into the air- my brother-in-law says that is his signature?). I know I am supposed to hate Cruise because he is a scientologist and all the rest (apparently he was able to pull an episode of South Park that made fun of scientology), but I have the ability to separate fact from fiction (which will come in handy when viewing The Da Vinci Code).

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