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April 28, 2006

Stalag 17 - 7

The title comes from the name of the prisoner of war camp that the film takes place in. Located in German during WWII, the American prisoner's attempt to plan their escape, but are thwarted by an unknown spy on the inside. After they accuse Sefton (William Holden in an Oscar winning performance), he tries to convince them that it isn't him. Billy Wilder directs and does a good job of waiting until the best moment to finally reveal what is actually going on. The story is simple but keeps developing as it moves forward. This is a relatively calm war film, somewhat similar to The Bridge over the River Kwai- which also stars Holden. The whole film leads up to portraying the unexpected hero step up, putting his life on the line for truth- or maybe just "trying to get a pair of wire cutters" (you decide).

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