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April 03, 2006

North Country - 6

Erin Brockovich meets Norma Rae. This film deals with the gender issues at an iron mine in northern Minnesota and one woman's fight for sexual harassment policy. As the story unravels the audience learns more about Josey's struggle early in life, and the consequence this has for her relationships with her father, husband, and son. While a fictional account, it is inspired by the story of the Jenson vs. Eveleth Mines lawsuit in 1984. It is an interesting commentary on power and oppression (the courtroom speech near the end of the film makes the message of the film clear: Stand up for what is right- which is always more courageous in action than in words, and almost never the easy or obvious thing to do). One of the unbelievable parts of the film that take away from it is the turn around that happens in Josey's father's character. While I think it is possible the film makes it seem like it happens overnight. The acting is very well done especially Frances McDormand and Charlize Theron (I just found this on the IMDB- in 2005 these two also played in Aeon Flux together). The soundtrack is also very well done, a lot of Bob Dylan.

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