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April 16, 2006

The Power of One - 7

This is a story of one young man's journey to struggle against the apartheid of South Africa (based on the novel by Bryce Courtenay). P.K. is a white English boy, who is out of place in both the native South Africans and the Afrikaners. The story follows him as he develops from a small boy who looses both parents and then later spends time with a mentor who is imprisoned during WWII. He learns ideas, music, and boxing. It is here that he learns to see how tribes can come together for the good of all, under the guidance of a African slave (played excellently by Morgan Freeman). He uses this as his driving force to argue against apartheid. The film ends as P.K. and his friend Guideon Duma go off to continue the struggle on the run from authorities.
It is a moving story about the conviction that is needed to fight for what is right, and how hard that can be to sustain in a world that is stuck in its current power structures. The film shows the hope of story and the victory of proximate justice.

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