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February 11, 2006

Wild at Heart - 6

First off, this is a David Lynch film. That means at times it gets weird (have you seen Mulholland Dr.). The main story reminds me of the film Badlands, a fugitive, Sailor (Nicolas Cage), takes off with this lover, Lula (Laura Dern), and heads west. In this case with many references to Elvis and the Wizard of Oz. Lula's mother, the wicked witch, hires some goon to track Sailor down and kill him. He ends up in jail and six years later reunites with Lula and their six-year-old son. There are many symbolic scenes in the film that are not part of the story. The theme of the film seems to be that love is so hard because of the crazy world that we inhabit, it is much more conducive to hate than love. The best quote is from Lula near the end of the film: "This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top." she goes on to say that the life doesn't seem to go the way people plan or dream it to be.


Anonymous said...

Definitely one of the better Lynch films out there, simply because it embraces it's weirdness and doesn't feel obligated to explain it all away. It's just a fun movie.

I'm left not feeling much of a point about it all (and some of the Oz allusions were a little annoying), but it terms of visual style, it's a great study.

Paul, who feels Mulholland Dr. is the only Lynch film that has a point

Jason said...

Inland Empire is coming out this year. Yay!