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February 24, 2006

Domino - 5

This film is based, well sort of, on the life of Dominique Harvey. She grew up rich, and started a career as a model in Britain. She then gave that up to become a bounty hunter in L.A. That's the basic story. The film is mainly an action picture with some good work telling the story from both ends. The further you get in the film the harder it is to figure out why they made the film. They had some interesting ideas but in the end the characters are lost in the greater scheme of things, and it hardly feels like Domino has done the right thing...but I guess if she thinks she has? I think the writer's made the mistake of taking some interesting facts and thinking they had a story (this is shown perfectly when the fictional Domino gets her own reality show). The film is a fine line between a crime drama and a girl's search for identity in a world with too many choices. Keira Knightley has a good performance in the film, and the boys from Beverly Hills, 90210 try to make a comeback.

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Jason said...

Harvey's father was a pretty awesome actor, too.