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February 24, 2006

The Weather Man - 6

How do you turn the weather into a metaphor for life? Well...since weather men have to predict the weather for TV viewers and get reduced to whether they are right or wrong, so too one's personal life can get reduced, especially if you aren't paying attention (TV can do that to you). Well this film does a better job of telling the story of how this could, and probably does happen, in contemporary life. We often reduce others, and are ourselves reduced to the work we do, rather than to the multi-dimensional people that we actually are. The main character is David, a weather man who is pursuing a job on a national TV show, while struggling to make sense of his family situation, he is divorced and has two children. The film deals honestly with the struggle to connect the many roles we play and the complexity of life.
One of the down sides to the film is the use of the word fuck to frequently, almost every single time anyone says it, it is unnecessary to make the scene work. It actually takes away from using the word in a meaningful way. The highlight of the film is Michael Caine's performance as David's father, who actually has some wisdom to share.

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