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February 09, 2006

Elizabethtown - 6

A touching story of death as the beginning of reflection. Drew (played by Orlando Bloom), who has just been fired, must go to his father's home town to retrieve the body for burial. On the way there makes friends with a stewardess (Kirsten Dunst), and learns more about his fathers family. The story and acting are not out of this world or original but the film is fun and serious and has a great soundtrack (Cameron Crowe wrote and directed the film, and this guy knows music). It is a fun and entertaining film that seems to be intentionally overdone in order to get it's point across faster. Crowe's Say Anything was slower and more believable, this film is somewhat over the top. Bloom and Dunst are not character actors so that also makes it hard (Although it is better than most critics give them credit for). In sum, this film is really a date movie and it might even inspire a road trip with good music.

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