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February 20, 2006

No Man's Land - 6

This is a great film about war, written and directed by Danis Tanovic. It is different in that it involves a small number of people and very few scenes of actual shooting and other war-like activity. It takes place during the 1993 Bosnian War. The plot is an intricate tale of two enemies caught in a trench between opposing lines, with a third character lying on a mine that will be set off if he moves. The first part is sort of comedic, but then gets more and more serious as the media and bureaucracy of the UN and war take over. It makes a very interesting critique of the personal aspects of war, the desire to live and make a difference in the world. The ending was one of the most surprising parts of the film, which probably speaks to the fact that it was not made in America (it is Slovenian). A very good and different sort of war film.

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