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June 11, 2006

Primer - 7

Have you ever had conversation after watching a time travel film, trying to critique the logic of what would happen if you met your mother before you were born? (like in Back to the Future). Well this film is that conversation and a discussion about what you might do if you could see time in a different light. This film was made for $7000 by Shane Carruth, who is also the main actor and writer/director/producer. It is a very realistic film about technology and science, the dialogue uses big words (physics jargon) and shows the audience rather than tells. There are no fancy lights, lasers, computer sounds, etc. The technology looks like it would if someone had just made a prototype. It has a Momento like quality, where you have to put the pieces together as the scenes progress. This is a great film to start a conversation about the implications that technology has on our behavior as it opens up the world to unthought of possibilities.
(Hat tip to Jason for letting me borrow it.)

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