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June 26, 2006

March of the Penguins - 6

This film is very informative about that great block of ice and cold that we call Antarctica (but not as informative as I had expected since it the filmmakers spent 13 months there filming). I actually enjoyed the documentary about making the film in the DVD extras more than the film. This film is a collaboration of French photographer/writer Luc Jacquet, his friend Yves Darondeau, and National Geographic. It also involves a few other corporations which means that the film is reduced to a family film with spectacular shots of nature. In this respect if succeeds, even if its worldview is cookie cutter naturalism/pantheism. You are already accusing me of over thinking this, so I'll stop. An entertaining and informative film that will peak one's interest in the Emperor penguins and the bottom of the world.

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