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June 11, 2006

Cars - 7

I hovered between 6 and 7, and caved. The animation is once again great. The story took sometime to win me over. I am once again confused by America's confusion that animation in film is a kid thing. This film has narration with a completely black screen, I am not an expert in kids, but I thought they had to see some flashy colors and a simple story. This film is not that. It is humorous to see how the writers made sure to please everyone, conservative middle America NASCAR fans and liberal Hollywood types, although I think the moral of the story may be an internal joke in the Pixar/Disney HQ- true and deep community is antithetical to mindless consumption. There are plenty of cultural jokes as well as some drug references that will keep you chuckling when all the kids are listening intently (or probably sleeping:-). The animation goes the extra mile (pun intended), it really is amazing, and worth seeing on the big screen. My one hesitation about the film is the anthropomorphism of machines, especially cars -it just seems wrong- it comes off better than expected.

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