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June 21, 2006

City Lights - 7

I am now a Charlie Chaplin fan (and for the record Hitler copied the 'stash, not the other way around). My theory is that if Chaplin were around today he would be doing Jim Carrey films. His ability to tell and show the audience the story through body language is a rare gift. It probably helps that the film has no audible dialogue. This is one of his most famous works, and come later in his career as writer, director, actor, etc. (he even scored the music for this film). His films are not so much silent films as films with music and written out dialogue that let the audience see the story visually and figure out what might be said.

The story of the film is mistaken identity which allows a tramp to woo a blind women, under the pretenses that he is rich, only to have enough class (or not in the right class?) not to expect anything in return for helping her. The last line of the film is key: "Yes, I can see now." The phrase being both physical and epistemological. This film is a joy (and fun) to watch.

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