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June 26, 2006

I am David - 4

A decent attempt to tell the story of a lost boy from a Bulgarian prison camp trying to find his identity. He approaches the world as mostly evil and finds out that it is mostly good. Heart-warming maybe, but not really a good dichotomy/dualism to live one's life by. If you like your films this way then this one should be near the top. The way I approach things this film just isn't all that interesting. A better film (with a little humor) concerning a similar topic is the film Everything is Illuminated (not a stellar film, but reasonable good). The film is for the most part pretty manipulative as you don't find out what his journey is about until the end of the film and there is no way to figure this out on your own. Not a fatal flaw, but it keeps making you ask mid-film, why do I care? In fact often I thought he could get blow to pieces right about now and that would at least give the film some excitement, but I knew it wasn't going to happen. Suspending belief was not coming easy during this film, so feel free to like it more than I did.

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