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March 02, 2006

Walk the Line - 7

This is a very well told biopic of Johnny Cash. I'm not an expert on his life, so the factual aspects I'll just have to trust are accurate (I haven't read anything that seems to suggest there are errors). Not knowing a lot going in made the story that much better for me. The filmmakers also did a good job of not placing events in such a way as to make the story tell a simple story (it is not simple a romance story, nor is it reduced to drugs, sex, and rock'n roll). If there is a theme it is that of second chances. The film shows that the possibilities of redemption are everywhere, and often we just don't have the eyes to see them.
This film is also one of the few good films that appeals to all ages (The sex, language and violence are not excessive). While I don't think this is the measure of all film, it is worth considering. The soundtrack is also really good, it helps that the film is about a musician. But it is also attributed to the involvement of T-Bone Burnett, who is famous for doing the soundtracks to O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and Cold Mountain. This film is nominated in five Oscar categories for good reason.

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