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March 07, 2006

Scent of a Woman - 6

Al Pacino won best actor for his role as a blind retired Colonel Slade who takes a thanksgiving trip to NYC with a local high school prep student. The student, Charlie, is suppose to look after the Colonel while his relatives visit family for Thanksgiving. The story really follows two things: the ethical dilemma that Charlie faces when he gets back to school, and the mysterious trip that the Colonel tricks Charlie into. As they bond over the weekend they both learn something about wisdom and integrity that allow them to return with a better understanding of themselves and who they ought to be. Near the end of the film there is a great dialogue about what is worth living for. The Colonel is able to show Charlie how to make fundamental choices early on so as to not end up like himself. (Philip Seymour Hoffman also has a minor role as a fellow prep student.)

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