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March 01, 2006

Murderball - 7

This documentary focuses on the US paralympic rugby team. A game that is a cross between basketball and rugby, that was invented in Canada and was originally called murderball. It is played by quadriplegics with different levels of mobility in their arms and legs. They use unique wheelchair's that have been reinforced to take the hits that come in the course of the game; this is a full full contact sport. The film uses this story as a jumping off point to get into the lives of those who have suffered the loss of physical ability. Some of these athletes were in vehicle accidents, while others suffered from polio and blood diseases that left them physically handicapped. This film is not only informative about the game and the facts about being a quadriplegic, but goes deeper in exploring the emotional challenges and courage that is involved in the loss of physical ability. It shows the grieving process, as well as the triumph that most of these athletes have discovered in overcoming these challenges. It also has a nice section dealing with sex. Yes, those with spinal injuries can have sex, but it requires learning some new techniques (apparently there are education videos by doctors on this). The film does a good job of mixing humor and drama to tell a real and complex story that allows viewers to be more informed about their world. This film is nominated for an Oscar in the documentary category, but will most likely lose to the cuddly-cute penguins.

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Jason said...

I hope March of the Penguins DOESN'T win. It was a fair film, but subpar as far as documentaries go. It felt like a PBS special that was 20 minutes too long.