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March 27, 2006

Bonhoeffer - 7

This is a very well done documentary on the life of German theologian and Nazi resistor, Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Hat tip to Don Opitz for the recommendation). The film chronicles Bonhoeffer's early life and his desire to study theology, his time in NYC and his return to Germany. It also tells of his predicting the war 5 years before it happened, with little response from the rest of the world. Bonhoeffer was very concerned about the abstraction that Christianity had become and worked hard to try to help people apply the Bible to their own situation. The film uses interviews with students of Bonhoeffer and relatives that are still alive. It also has readings of Bonhoeffer's works that contribute to the story of courage and struggle to understand the politics of Christianity. I think that this is the real life struggle that is hinted at in the film V for Vendetta, similar questions and discussion are raised by both films.

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