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January 19, 2006

You Can Count on Me - 7

This is a film about ordinary people trying to make sense out of their world. The main characters are a brother and sister who lost both parents when they were young. The sister, Samantha played by Laura Linney, has a son Rudy and is raising him alone in the house that she grew up in. Her brother Terry, played by Mark Ruffalo, is a wanderer and has returned home for a visit. As they struggle to care for each other, they come up against their own weaknesses and desires. They want things to be made right, and they come to understand themselves and the importance of their lives. This is an interesting film, especially with reflection on family relationships and begs the question: Where do we learn how to care for others? Or is it like Samantha says concerning her relationships with others, "I guess I just feel sorry for them."

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Anonymous said...

This is just a beautiful film. I've been trying to follow up on all of Linney's work as an actress, and so I went back and rewatched this film a couple weeks back. It has kept its power, and in fact seems to possess more than when I first watched it (2002?).

What works best for me in the end is the sense of acceptance between the brother and sister. While each knows the other's faults, there is enough love between them to keep relationships close. And that scene when Ruffalo takes Linney's son to meet his father was very nice. Just a solid "little" film.