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January 07, 2006

A Very Long Engagement - 7

It's a good thing this is a French film. With a title like that, in Hollywood anyway we would be in for The Notebook 2 or worse. This film is really a sort of whodunit, in the sense that there is a mystery surrounding the death of a fiancee in WWI in France. As Mathilde, played by
Audrey Tautou, investigates the story behind the death of Manech. I won't give away the ending, but the director weaves a great story that helps the audience connect the dots a little at a time until the truth comes to be known. The film tests your optimist as to whether you believe he is alive like Mathilde does, or if she is deluding herself. Jodie Foster also makes an appearance, using her French for about 5 minutes (that's not a dis, she speaks it fluently, I was just surprised to see her).

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