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January 28, 2006

Match Point - 6

This latest effort from Woody Allen is one of his best. It is an intense drama of Dostoevskian proportions. Allen leaves New York for London in this film, which in some ways changes his style. The film has less overt philosophical dialogue and is more subtle in its dealing with relationships. The good news for those who don't generally like Allen is that he does not star in this film (and Scarlett Johannson does). Johansson's performance was weaker than I had hoped but still good. The story is pretty simple. The main character, Chris (played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), is married but has an affair and feels the guilt and angst of the complications of the situation. I think the ending is well done in that it leaves the viewer feeling similarly to the main character, that life is always somewhat unresolved, but you've got to live with the character that your choices have created.

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