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January 16, 2006

Saraband - 7

This is Ingmar Bergman's latest film, originally made for TV. The story follows an old couple, Johan and Marianne, that have been divorced for some years. She finally goes to his house to visit him. The story soon gets wrapped up with Johan's relationship with his son, Hendrik and his granddaughter Karin. The film explores parenting and family relationships and how hurtful they can be when they do not go well. The crisis of the film is Karin's longing and ability to go to school for more cello training, but since the recent death of her mother she is afraid to abandon her father. Johan and Marianne try to be of support but find that they also have not the wisdom to help the situation. In the end, they must recognize their own inability and imperfections about relationships. The ending is very telling in this respect, and alludes to Shakespeare's King Lear.

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