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November 06, 2005

Made - 5

Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn are at it again, they worked together in Swingers. This film was written and directed by Favreau, it shows in the different kind of humor that this film has. The humor is mostly the stupidity and lack of awareness on the part of Ricky. Ricky, played by Vaughn, is a wannabe mobster and can't play any situations cool, it almost gets them killed but in the end luck saves them and Bobby discovers more about who he is and what is valuable. Swingers is funnier, but this film is more narrative, and has a touching ending that women can relate to (Swingers seems to be a guy thing).

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lucas said...

i am of the humble opinion that "made" is a grossly underated film. the beauty of it lies in vince vaughn's performance. essentially, he's playing an asshole who's seen "swingers" too many times and somehow thinks he's as cool as trent. it's a high-wire act of a performance.