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November 09, 2005

House of D - 7

A story about growing up and how this is a rite of passage. The story starts as the adult Tom Warshaw tells the story of his childhood that he has hidden from his wife and son, he realized that he can no longer forget his past. As he tells the story the viewer finds out why he has kept it hidden. It is a touching story of growing up and dealing with the pains that life sends your way. The theme of the film is the change that is inevitable and how to live and love in the midst of it. The film also makes one question previous stereotypes about people, it seems that wisdom can come from strange places. The film was written and directed by David Duchovny. Anton Yelchin does a wonderful job as the young Tommy, and Robin Williams is humor us as a retarded janitor. The humor of this film is like if Wes Andersen had written a Jim Carrey film. Overall a good story worth taking the time for.


Brian Powell said...

I just saw "House of D" last night, and I will certainly affirm your comments, Greg.

This film is a wonderful story about the value of our past in shaping who we become in the future. The fact that the "House of D" really existed makes the story feel believable. Superb casting also helps the film (Anton did an amazing job - we will definitely be seeing more from this kid).

This idea of allowing people, and places in the case of the transformation of the "House of D" as a prison to a beautiful garden, to change has a redemptive feel. If nothing else, it gets you thinking and generates conversation. Not bad work from a guy who made his mark through X-Files, eh?

Jason said...

The actual content of the film aside, I didn't like the direction at all. Something about it made me twitch.