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November 02, 2005

It's All About Love - 6

The acting in this film gets off to a shaky start, but picks up as the story moves along. The story is a strange one, all tied together by the overarching metaphor of love and the coldness and isolation when it is devalued and lacking. This futuristic world is very mechanized and people fall over dead from the lack of connectedness and relationship with others. There are also weird things going on with the weather, it gets colder and colder to the point that at the end of the film the world is frozen over. The main characters are a separated couple, Elena, a famous polish figure skater living in New York, and John, a professor (who lives in Calgary?). The meet in New York to make the divorce final, and then find themselves back in love and the world trying to further isolate them from each other or anything like love. There is also a few scenes of John's brother who is traveling on an airplane the whole film, and (is the storyteller?). The film is often vague, which I assume is on purpose to help the audience feel the coldness and confusion of the world that the characters live in. The film does in the end succeeds in show that life really is all about love, not in the abstract but takes on flesh and exhales warm breathe.

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