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November 13, 2005

The Good Girl - 5

An interesting look at the consequences of following the path of least resistance. The story is about a women (played by Jennifer Aniston) who is bored with her marriage and job and decides to pursue a relationship with a young guy (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) who works at the store with her. It seems like he is the only one who understands her. All of this just teachers her how to lie and in the end just when she's about to tell the truth she is helped by circumstances and the film ends. It is an interesting look at truth telling, but ends up with an ethics that say the end justifies the means, the problem is that one does not individually control the circumstances and ends of social situations. What really is the case is that she deceives herself about reality and it translates into false relationships and habitual lying in order to direct life. In the end she is a pawn, rather than an agent, in her own deception. She is lost and imprisoned, not because no one understands her but because she has not learned about how the truth is found, and that the truth would set her free.

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