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November 22, 2005

Husbands and Wives - 6

This is similar to most Woody Allen films. Although Mia Farrow looks awfully tired in this film. Surprise, surprise, it takes place in New York City and is about relationships. This film is a lot subtler than some of Allen's other films. It also shot in a more documentary type style. The interesting twist in this one is that those that have doubt about their relationships end up working them out and making them known to each other, while the confident couple struggles to be honest and it end their relationship. Allen also makes the case for personalities that need to be married and those that don't in this film. Most of his other films assume marital infidelity as normal, while this one has its doubts. The audience is also part of this story since characters talk directly to the camera (with direction by interviewer) at times to explain their behavior. It is a good look relationships and the dysfunction that can be worked through or ran away from.

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Anonymous said...

I think the whole infidelity angle contrasted against the supposition that some personalities cannot manage a marital relationship is probably the most fascinating thing here, as you say.

However, I also think it avoids being a second-tier Woody Allen by the sheer quality of the material and the actors. Forgiving Love and Death, which is a guilty pleasure, I find this film to be second only to Manhattan (and better than Annie Hall for some reason [timelessness of it?]).