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June 01, 2007

The Trouble with Harry - 7

Hitchock made only two comedies (Mr. & Mrs. Smith being the other), and this is roll on the floor funny. It almost works as a spoof of his other films, because it involves a dead body, some suspense, a whodunit plot, and even a little psychology of killing and conscience. A dead body is found in the woods outside of town, by almost everyone it seems. Harry is then buried and unburied as a group of townspeople try to figure out what happened and not get caught by the police. There are a few love stories running through the film, and the dialogue is witty- with innuendos as suggestive as anything you would hear in contemporary film. Shirley MacLaine makes her first feature film appearance, and "the Beave" (Jerry Mathers) stars as her funny and prococious son.

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