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June 13, 2007

The Man Who Knew Too Much - 7

Dr. Ben McKenna (Jimmy Stewart), his wife Josephine (Doris Day), and their son Hank (Christopher Olsen), are on vacation in Morocco. They soon find themselves wrapped up in an international mystery as a suspicious French man befriends them, acts somewhat strangely and then mysteriously is killed leaving Ben with a secret message as his final act. Hank is then kidnapped and parents are soon off to London in an attempt to avert what looks to be an international conspiracy and rescue their missing son. It is a somewhat simple story that is told well with much suspense, humor, and tense action. Hitchcock's use of music in this film is especially intriguing as the climax of the film has almost no dialogue while the orchestra plays. This film is religiously and culturally sensitivity of setting part of the film in a predominately Muslim country. Surprisingly more so than if this film were made in the 21st century. An entertaining adventure story.

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