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June 30, 2007

Bullets Over Broadway - 6

This Woody Allen film (that he is not in) is a comedic meeting of New Jersey and New York City. David (John Cusack), a playwright, finally gets his play picked up to be put on the stage on Broadway. But in the process finds out that it is mob money and he must star the mobsters girlfriend, Eden- a dancer rather than an actress. Her bodyguard comes in handy when the play starts to lose its edge as he suggests play edits. The show turns out to be a hit despite its flaws. The film uses this funny premise to humor Allen's love of philosophical dialogue about the role of art in life and what taints it and what lifts it up. David continually questions the assumption that the artist creates their own moral universe. Is his play a license to do what he wants or a foil to avoid responsibility. This is one of Allen's better films. Read these good reviews by Jeff and Paul.

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