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June 11, 2007

Suspicion - 6

While I like all of Hitchcock's films that I have seen so far, this one is further down on my list than his others. This film is similar in some ways to Shadow of a Doubt, in that a wife suspects her husband of a murder. Shadow of a Doubt is more subtle, while this film helps provoke the viewer to side with the wife over the husband. There is just enough information available and left out to make her and the viewer wonder. Set in England, Lina (Joan Fontaine), a beautiful but older (her parents what her married off) woman, falls for the loose and carefree Johnnie (Cary Grant), they get married despite Johnnie's pet name for her being "Monkeyface." When one of Johnnie's business partner dies in Paris, Lina suspects Johnnie. The film resolves around a suspenseful high-speed car ride near steep cliffs. This is a good film to see the dynamics of trust and mistrust in a relationship. And how any lie or "smoothing over of the truth" can jeopardize one's integrity.

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