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November 10, 2006

Over the Hedge - 7

With references from Citizen Kane (Rosebud) to Dr. Phil (Lou the Porcupine: "I don't think he's a real doctor."), this film really isn't a kids film. I mean, kids will probably like it and it is animated (which in American means it can only be a G rated kids film), but it has so much more going on in it, and for it. The plot is not unique, new, or even that creative, but the execution is hilarious. Halfway through the film you realize that you are really laughing at yourself more than the film. The film is about scavengers who need to collect food for the winter during hibernation. It also involves a plot by a raccoon to pay back a bear he angered, and the fact that a hedge has been built to enclose a new sub division built by humans. There are plenty of jokes at the peoples expense, as well as classic physical comedy routines. This film is just plain old fun. A great voicing cast including Steve Carell, Eugene Levy, William Shatner, and Wanda Sykes.

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