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November 02, 2006

Lady Sovereign

She's white. She's British. She Raps? 20-year-old Lady Sovereign raps about how people are going to compare her to Eminem (Blah Blah). Which is a better comparison than with fellow Brit Dido, who became big by collaborating with Em. She tries to offend in the same way as he does and it is reminiscent, but she adds different beats. It's catchy, and she rips on the Queen and Prime Minister of England- "We ain't all posh like the queen, we ain't all squeaky clean, Now do the Tony Blair, throw your hands in the air everywhere" (My England). The first track on the album is a sarcastic joke about how being a celebrity is just like having a 9 to 5. While she is trying to show her credibility as a British misfit and is just rude at times, she has some serious skill at turning the phrase and stays above being a poser (she was signed to Def Jam by Jay-Z and collaborates with Missy Elliot on the final track). It is currently $7.99 at Bestbuy, it is not the best rap I've ever heard, but you can't claim to have wasted money.

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