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November 07, 2006

Nine Lives - 4

Rodrigo Garcia (Things you can tell just by looking at her) directs these nine vignettes about women who feel alienated by the world, who are looking for connection and reflecting on their pasts. The film seems scattered at first, but the audience soon finds that the characters are somewhat intertwined. The stories focus on mortality, and the relationships that are most important to these women. The film shows how life is always a struggle between how we are connected to others and the meaning that it creates for our lives and the disconnections and pain that comes from alienation, loneliness, and fear. A few of the vignettes are insightful and have emotional power, others seem contrived and over acted. The cast includes: Sissy Spacek, Holly Hunter, Robin Wright Penn, Glen Close, Dakota Fanning, and Amanda Seyfried.

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