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November 28, 2006

The Birds - 7

As I work through all of Hitchcock's films, this is the best so far (although Rear Window is way up there also, The 39 Steps, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, North by Northwest, Notorious). This is one of his later films and the last one that is considered a classic. It caught me off guard with its simple and pleasant beginning and its unexpected turn toward the disturbing. The plot is simple and complex. Bird in a small town, on a bay outside of San Fransisco, start attacking people. It is never explained why (which is the genius of anyone who hopes to write a horror film). The film highlights the characters and their reaction and emotional response to fear and those around them that they trust or distrust. After seeing this film it doesn't surprise me that cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek wrote about the Hitchcock's films. This film cements Hitchcock into film history, and you can see the influence on later directors and films. Getting all those shot of birds and setting the scenes for the film, must have been a lot of work.


SaburoChaos said...

I have about five Hitchcock films that I claim as my favorite the second after I watch them.

This is one of them. This film is like poetry to me. So many stunning things here.

The use of silence is revolutionary. The narrative structure is almost avant garde for a Hollywood film.

You need to see it on the big screen to get the full effect. I saw it in a theater a few years back and it was fantastic.

Jason said...

Easily one of his best films, and in his top five, but I'd have a hard time calling it his best (though I can see why you'd say it is). I lean more toward Strangers on a Train, Notorious or Rear Window.

Also, some of his later films may not have been "classic," but are well worth checking out.

Silentconsort said...

Great movie- years ago I went to the site where they filmed it-Love Hitchcock flicks, the time period and especially the clothing/hair/make-up-