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September 04, 2006

The Sentinel - 3

Imagine a scene with me for a second. Two Hollywood execs are chatting about the current scripts coming across their desk and trying to determine what films out to get made. One of them mentions how he is hearing that there are not enough family friendly films, rated PG-13 and low on the swear and violence quotient. The other exec agrees and they start to formulate how big the market is for such a film. The market is huge, filled with all of the middle and high school aged children, with parents concerned about the influence of media. With the promise of money, the actors and plot of the film soon becomes apparent. And they put out the film called The Sentinel. The film consist of four main characters all of them strong leaders and are to be seen as role models. Kim Basinger, who plays the first lady, and Eva Longoria, a FBI agent, play the female role models. Michael Douglas and Jack Bauer...I mean Keifer Sutherland, play the male roles of protector of the president. This film pretends to be a political thriller, it is rather a lesson in getting along- the skill every high schooler needs to know. The plot doesn't take any interesting turns and is mostly predictable, although near the end you stop caring, it would just be great to see more stuff get blown up. This movie once again shows that you need a story and characters and the rest follows from there, not vice versa. Apparently even the marketing of this film failed.

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