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September 25, 2006

Born into Brothels - 5

While the topic of this film is important the method is a bit fragmented and uncohesive. Two documentary filmmakers went to Calcutta to to chronicle the life of prostitutes in the red light district. Once they got there thought they realized that the children living there were a more interesting topic. Zana Briski, one of the directors of this film, starts to teach the children photography and eventually feels pushed toward helping the children get an education to escape their plight and the life that they will be forced into without it. The film both show cases the children's pictures, which are very good, as well as Zana's quest to get them to see the larger world that education and photography can show them. In the end, a few of the children get into boarding schools, and one boy, Avijit, gets to travel to Amsterdam to showcase his photography. The film remains hopeful that it is possible for these children, born into disadvantage can be shown hope, and teach all of us a thing or two. While a truly amazing story of education and sociology (maybe even social justice), the format the film makes this story less coherent than it could be.

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