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September 22, 2006

The Ice Storm - 5

Ang Lee's commentary on the state of the American family. Set in upper-class Connecticut, the story shows marriages on the rocks, affairs, and kids who have to discover truth and wisdom on their own. Like Keith mentioned earlier this week, maybe we don't need another film about a "creative-yet-sadly-dysfunctional-family-that-finds-hints-of-redemption-in-the-end movie." Although this film did come before a lot of other films like this (Maybe it started the trend?). The narration is probably the best part of the film, which are the book ends. But it seems to me that film is intended to be able to show you the story rather than tell you. The film needs the help in this case because the coming together of the family in the end seem somewhat out of place. It does have a well known and pretty good cast: Joan Allen, Kevin Kline, Tobey Maguire, Sigourney Weaver, Elijah Wood, Christina Ricci, and Katie Holmes. And the film is beautifully shot, but the story just doesn't quite hit home with me.

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