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August 18, 2007

Inland Empire - 4

In the land of weird films, David Lynch is king. This is anything but traditional filmmaking- even less so than Mulholland Dr. While his film Wild at Heart (and from what I hear Lost Highway, Blue Velvet and Eraserhead) have a narrative that the audience to follow, Inland Empire lacks this to the extent that it hard to know the sequence of the scenes. Are they going forward? Is that a flashback? Are they referring to something in the past or the future? The film basically follows three different story ideas: An actress (Laura Dern) who becomes confused about her role and what is going on around her, an eastern European group of men and women- who it seems may be involved in the sex-slave business, and finally sit-com like episodes of three rabbits in a suburban living room. Like I said this isn't something you'd likely see in anything but a David Lynch film. I get how art is suppose to push the boundaries of our imaginations, but I'm confused as to how this film works in that way. Read Evan's review which give Lynch more credit for knowing what he is doing.

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