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July 31, 2007

The Simpsons Movie - 7

This film was not all that different than an episode of The Simpsons on TV, including Homer making fun of people who are in the theater getting something that they get for free at home, and a mid-movie "to be continued." It has its quirks, non-sensical parts, and pop culture references, but overall the plot makes sense as the Simpson family is first banned from Springfield and then must return to save it. Homer causes the tipping point that makes Springfield a environmental hazard that the Environmental Protection Agency, under president Schwarzenegger, encloses the town in a dome. All of this prophesied by Grampa Simpson during a church service early on. The escaped family initially leaves Springfield behind for Alaska, and returns only after hearing a Tom Hank commercial highlighting a new tourist destination- a giant hole where Springfield used to be. While this didn't necessarily need a big screen version, this film highlights the genius and important American cultural phenomenon that is 18 years of social criticism that The Simpsons has provided. As usual the film takes up questions of the environmental crisis, religion, politics and family. This film probably won't change anyone's opinion about The Simpsons, but if you are a fan this is some of their best work.

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