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July 07, 2007

Black Snake Moan - 7

The previews of this film seemed to imply that this was a disturbing film- a sort of shock for the sake of shock...but Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) has a very intriguing and well made film (there is some very brief nudity and violence). Circumstances bring two very different characters together who end up showing each other better and redemptive ways of living. Rae (Christina Ricci) is a sex addict, trying to put her wild past behind her and settle down with, Ronnie- a nice boy (Justin Timberlake). Ronnie decides that he must serve his country and takes off for basic training. Meanwhile, Lazarus' (Samuel L. Jackson) wife has left him for his brother, and his days of playing the blues are over, as he tends his land and sell his vegetables at the local small town market. After a night of drugs and booze, Rae is beaten by a friend and left for dead on the side of the road. That side of the road happens to be the end of Lazarus' driveway. He initially takes her in to help the wounds on the surface, but becomes convinced he can also help her inner demons by chaining her up. Together they discover the healing power of the blues music that Lazarus begins to play again...and were a cheap redemption could be offered to end the film, a much more complex and touching one is offered. The film is bookended with clips from Son House talking about the power of the blues and how nothing can get closer to the human heart and emotions than the blues (including the most heartfelt version of "This Little Light of Mine" I've ever heard). This film shows that he was onto something.

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L.C. said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I'd seen the previews and thought this might not be a movie I wanted to see, but now I think I might have judged too soon.