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July 20, 2007

Shooter - 3

A pretty formulaic, government conspiracy/vigilante-ism story, in the tradition of Arnold and Jean-Claude that isn't worth spending a lot of time talking about. It has action so is enjoyable if you are not looking to think much, but the set up is so convoluted and contrived that you can see a few scenes ahead and get an idea as to how this goes. An ex-military sharp shooter, Bob Lee (Mark Walberg), is set up by bureaucrats (Danny Glover) to take a political fall for them and ends up taking things into his own hands killing as many as he can find, falling for a girl (Kate Mara) who is soon taken hostage and allows for a just cause in his going after corrupt politicians. Yep, you've seen this before...and its still that bad. The actors must have needed the money, because this film only had a title 3 months before it came out (a friend of mine got paid to take a survey to determine the title).

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